We provide martial arts instruction for kids 6 and up. Our kids martial arts program is focused on the learning and retention of martial arts skills. We DO NOT rely on pagentry, uniforms, boad breaking, choreographed demonstrations, testing ceremonies, or "forms" to illustrate to our parents that their child has learned something. Our program teaches real tangible martial arts skills as well as instills the character traits that parents are looking for from martial arts.

We begin all children by focusing on motor learning skills. From a neurological perspective kids need to first "learn how to learn". The inital focus is on teaching them to execute a set of drills which sets the foundation for them to build their martial arts skills on.

It is critically important to the instructor to not only teach the child the martial art, but to do so in a way that is fun and keeps the child engaged. 

Kids have young neruological systems which need to develop first and foremost. Our program is focused initially on developing motor learning skills and the ability to follow directions to create a foundation for not just boxing, but all athletisism.
At the early stages the child is still "learning how to learn" and requires just the right amount of discipline while still maintaining an environment of fun. It is our intention to instil in young people integrity over all other traits.

How are we different?
Most kids martial arts programs sell themselves as instilling all manner of positive character traits but in reality are more like a daycare than anything else. They claim to teach disipline by putting your child into uniforms and forcing them to learn cordinated group "forms" or movements that mimic martial arts.
They rely on complex ranking systems where the child is always working toward another color belt, stripe, or other "promotion".  Although goal setting is an important element of developing as a human being these ranking systems are completely meaningless and only act as a distraction to create the appearance of progress when very little has actually been learned. Parents are extorted with "testing fees" and other hidden costs which are very profitable for the school but do little to teach the child martial arts.  These programs are business models, not marial arts programs.

At Method Boxing your child will actually learn the martial art at a fraction of the cost. 

Boxing is outstanding for pre-teen and teenage kids for developing strong character. The following are some common traits that boxing can help instill into children and young adults:

Boxing is a great opportunity to help kids learn personal discipline doing something that they already want to do. Boxing requires mental focus and physical commitment. Our program slowly builds on what the child has already accomplished which is the most effective way to develop mental discipline while avoiding feeling of being overwhelmed. A slow incremental increase in commitment while staying within their abilities is key to building the right kind of ego that helps us face challenges with the right attitude.

Boxing teaches respect for other human beings because the experience of being "at the bottom" and working your way slowly up through the ranks gives the child a perspective on the feelings of other people. This brings us to the most important trait of high quality people which is empathy.

Empathy by far is the most important character trait anyone can possess. Considering how another person would feel in any situation is the internal human governor that regulates our behavior. Without empathy we would never consider the repercussions of our actions which transfers over to ANY choice made in life. Reflecting on the possible outcomes of actions or choices is so critical to making good life decisions about jobs, money and relationships. Boxing teaches empathy because in the process of learning to box they will encounter both the experience of being overwhelmed by a far superior opponent AND being the more experienced fighter.  One of the most common places kids (and adults) have a catharsis is when the first experience being the BETTER fighter in a sparring match. Often this is NOT the experience of "fun" that they thought it would be to be completely dominating the exchange. They realize that having "no challenge" is completely unrewarding and they are suddenly overwhelmed with empathy for their opponent instead of happiness at being the better boxer. 

Integrity is the goal of our entire program. We wish to instill in the child an overall moral compass, solid attitude, mental toughness and the ability to look oneself in the mirror and like what they see. No value can be put on having personal integrity because it reallyis the secret finding happiness in life. We must be able to face the reality of who we are, where we have been, and where we are going. These three are nothing more than a conglomeration of our life choices. Good or bad we must learn to face the consequences of our actions without falling into the traps of victimhood which always results in unhappiness and often depression.


BULLYING- Boxing is a great tool for helping a child work with bullying within their peer group. The reality is bullying is part of the process of becoming an adult. We cannot shield our children from the reality that they WILL have to compete in the pecking order of the world. It's critically important that the teaching of a martial art is done in a manner to develop the child's ego or confidence and not simply suggesting that they deal with bullying with threats of violence. Boxing allows them a safe environment to "practice" dealing with stressful situations which emulate life. By working through these feelings and adapting to the environment while under the close supervision of the instructor their ego will begin to emerge and dealing with bullying becomes a moot point. (Simply responding to bullying with a confident ego results in the bully stopping the behavior, no fighting should be necessary)

The goal must be the development of integrity and the confidence to stick with that moral compass. Unfortunately bullying is a natural part of human behavior. Many adults still allow other more dominant personalities overwhelm them at work and in relationships often causing them great anxiety. Boxing will help both kids and adults face these challenges.

Boxing can work wonders for confidence in both kids and adults because it requires you to take on challenges where you are not 100% sure of the outcome that will result. This is like life. We don't really know the outcome of things but we need the confidence to give our best effort, we cannot be afraid to fail. Even if we know we are going to lose, we can never let our opponent see our fear and have to give our best effort regardless of what we THINK is going to happen. Often we are surprised at the outcome if we give a 100% effort.

The fear of failure is almost always impacting both kids and adults in their lives. Boxing can help prevent a child from living their life as a slave to failures which they never even actually experience. When we let fear dictate our choices we can NEVER live up to our real potential.

Boxing serves to create controlled situations where fear is going to be the only real enemy. In boxing (sparring, or even just bag work) the real enemy is you. YOU dictate whether you quit or go on NOT your opponent. The experience of facing your own weaknesses will make the situations you face in life actually quite easy. By facing your character flaws in the gym you can avoid their negative influence outside in your life.